A Bao A Qu

A Bao A Qu

The A Bao A Qu is a creature from Malay mythology.

This beast lives in the steps of the Tower of Victory, found in Chitor, India, from the top of which one can see the loveliest landscape in the world. It awaits on the first step, waiting brave enough man to climb the tower. When it waits, it lies shapeless and translucent. When someone passes, it awakes.

When, when the man starts climbing, it follows close behind, and as it goes farther, it's clearer and more colorful, giving a blue light as it ascends, and when the climber reaches the top with the creature, the A Bao A Qu reaches perfection and achieves Nirvana, and his acts don't cast any shadows.

Most times, the man cannot reach the top, and the creature perfection.

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